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Trading Documentations

We all knew cross-border trading is complex, the complexity comes from language barrier, different culture leads to different trading traditions and more. In this chapter we will see how it goes to the documentations. We have prepared a list of comparison according to the vary documentation requirement among different delivery types.

1Supplier PI or Signed POcheckcheckcheckcheckView
2Supplier CIcheckcheckcheckcheckView
3Packing ListcheckcheckcheckcheckView
4Live Pics of MerchandisecheckcheckcheckcheckPic 1 | Pic 2
5Warehouse ReceiptcheckView
6Forwarder Delivery ReceiptcheckView
7Live Pics of LoadingcheckcheckPic 1 | Pic 2
8Draft B/LcheckcheckView
9Surrendered B/LcheckcheckView
10Certificate of Supply ChainquestionquestionquestionquestionView
11Certificate of OriginquestionquestionquestionquestionView
12Health CertificatequestionquestionquestionquestionView
13Health Licensequestionquestionquestionquestion
14Ingredient Specification ReportquestionquestionquestionquestionView
15Certificate of BottlingquestionquestionquestionquestionView
16Merchandise Front PicsquestionquestionquestionquestionView
17Merchandise Back PicsquestionquestionquestionquestionPic 1 | Pic 2
18Merchandise Labels PicsquestionquestionquestionquestionView
19Insurance PolicyquestionquestionView
20Customs DeclarationquestionquestionView


The question mark - question means the documentation may required by different product categories or by local customs. KKS will sort out and you will have all the information when the order is created.