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User Products

You can see My Products List from left side navigation. This is your private product management entrance. KKS Suppliers Club™ offers three methods for you to start manage your products and quotations.

  • KKS Master Products™
  • Create manually
  • Bulk creation by data import - Please see the Bulk Upload section.

We will introduce one by one.

Add from KKS Master Products™#

From KKS Master Products™ page, you can simply click the I can offer link to quick add into your private product list.

Figure 9 - Add product from KMP

Create product manually#

You can start create product by clicking the New button on top right corner. The Product has four sections grouped by its main usage:

  • Pictures
  • Identification - Bar code, ID, etc.
  • Basic Info - Product related
  • Additional Info - Logistics related

Figure 10 - Add product from page

Auto product detection#

We believe you already knew that KKS is using UPC/EAN code to link products. During the time you try to input data on the system, we made a small feature for you to improve the efficiency. The system will automatically search the UPC or EAN based on what we already have and you can easily reuse all the data by one click.

Figure 11 - Add product from page

Image Specification#

Photographic as an essential part of a product, it creates memories and make your product alive. We highly encourage you to stick with the image guidelines when you try to upload or update your product photographic.

  1. The recommend size of image - 800x800 pixels.
  2. The actual content area is around 500x500 to 600x600 pixels, keep 100 pixels margin to the edge.
  3. Please use white as background color.

If by chance you have high definition resources, we will like to see double size images(1600x1600 pixels)

Figure 12 - Image spec Figure 13 - Image spec